Facebook Fraud?

Australian science communicator Derek Muller claims to have  comprehensively exposed the alleged fraud behind Facebook Page Advertising by explaining how Facebook uses fake likes and like farms to build an audience for pages which pay for promotion.

Muller claims that Facebook itself uses fake likes for the pages people pay for



No stone left unturned

After over a decade of war in Afghanistan the United States of America and its allies are set to leave the country by the end of the year.  The US President, Mr Barack Obama has told his afghan counterpart, President Hamid Karzai that he is now planning for a full US troop withdrawal because of the Afghan President’s repeated refusal to sign a security pact.

I guess that’s the way of war, first you send the enemy back to the stone age then when you leave you make sure the only thing they have left to fight with is precisely that .. stones.  With all those buildings destroyed there is bound to be no shortage of ammunition.


Where did all that water go?

Once one of the world’s fourth largest lakes, the Aral Sea stretched for some 26,000 square miles and maintained a healthy and robust fishing industry, but in the 1960s a Russian plan to boost cotton production in the region saw much of the lake’s water diverted for irrigation purposes.

Today, in what has been described as one of the planet’s most shocking environmental disasters, the Aral sea has lost over 90% of its water and once busy fishing trawlers have been left high and dry by the retreating waters.

The Aral sea stands as a stark reminder of the failed policies of the past Century, policies which somehow assumed water to be an almost infinite resource. Today  one third of the world’s rivers which once provided water for about 3 billion people are gone or running almost dry.

In the 21st Century some 2.7 billion people are now known to suffer from lack of water for at least one month of the year and incredibly yet another billion people face almost daily shortages; when you add it all together that is almost half of the world’s population.

It is entirely possible that by 2025 competition for water in drought affected areas might become increasingly hostile leading to local wars and/or civil struggles. It has come to the point where the availability of fresh water has become such a problem that all around the world some people spend their entire day searching for it

To put it simply, the world is running out of its most precious resource.


The miracle of the sun

Amongst the most intriguing mysteries of science and religion are the so called miracles and secrets of modern Catholicism supposedly imparted by the Virgin Mary at Fatima in  Portugal,

In 1917 an allegedly miraculous “dance of the sun” occurred at Fatima when three small children were said to have been visited by the Virgin Mary. Not only is it said that the children saw the blessed virgin, it is also said they were given three secret messages to deliver to the world.

Provoking much interest and controversy news quickly spread throughout the town where the children lived so that the next time they revisited the site they were accompanied by some fifty devout villagers, soon after crowds sometimes numbering in the thousands began to congregate every time the children visited.


Two of the secrets were revealed at the time, the first secret was a vision of hell,  the second secret was a statement that World War I would end and that a worse one would soon break out. The third and final message was kept secret by the Vatican  for many years and not made public until after the year 2000.

During the children’s final visit on  October 13, as many as seventy thousand people were gathered at the site anticipating the Virgin’s final visit, many of them hoping for a great miracle;  Soon, as everyone gazed upward, they saw that a silvery disc had emerged from behind dark clouds and all the visitors experienced what is now known  as the miracle of the sun.

I would normally end the story here except for a further event which happened much later; apparently many of the witnesses also received some sort of “telepathic” message telling those who believed in the virgin to build a chapel in her honour and that then the miracles would be repeated.

After many years the chapels were built and sure enough the miracle happened again at every one of the locations where they were built. Here it is in the Philippines, this one happened on April 7, 2013. Many miraculous healings and conversions also took place on the day. The incredible thing is that all of the chapels have had the same apparition of the miracle of the sun.

See it for yourself ……, this video was posted by a non-believer who decided to post it in its entirety and let the viewers decide for themselves. Make sure to watch it until the end, it has an awesome ending.

Eyewitness testimony from the first event:


The dirty side of Gold

Compressor mining originated in the mid-1990s in Camarines Norte, an impoverished coastal province about 200 miles southeast of Manila in the Philippines. A hazardous job to say the least, the workers dive into muddy waters in makeshift pits in search for gold.

The return for the miner’s efforts are so paltry the government decided to make the practice illegal but that doesn’t stop the miners, mostly adults as well as children,  from diving into the mud in search of gold.

Divers dig down as far as 60 feet all the while breathing through a tube connected to a homemade compressor, typically fashioned from a San Miguel beer keg and stay underground for hours at a time.

Their job is to fill bucket after bucket with sludge for a fellow miner to haul up to the surface. Some miners wear a diving mask; many just keep their eyes shut.

Miners dig in rice paddies, rivers, and bays and descend down vertical shafts in the muddy waters where they shovel gold-bearing clay sludge into cloth bags that are then pulled to the surface.

Processors pour the sluice into large shallow pans and add mercury. As they swirl the slurry, the mercury binds to the gold and sinks to the bottom of the pan.

They repeat this process over and over, carefully draining off the sludge, until a film of gold mixed with mercury remains at the bottom of the pan. The toxic residue then floats downriver and the pollution may last many years.



When Toads Attack

Cane toads were introduced to Australia in 1935 to feed on the cane beetles which were affecting the growth of sugar cane. The toads soon got out of control and have spread into vast areas of Northern Australia.

With up to nine meter tidal changes and swift currents in the local rivers the toads float down stream on whatever flotsam is in the water; the currents then carry them along,  sometimes a very long way from the main colonising front line.

These vermin thrive in the perfect tropical conditions, they are poisonous and are said to take away resources from local animals. Picking one up and then licking your hand is not recommended.